Auto Insurance Myths You Need To Know About


Auto insurance can be very hard to understand. This is especially true when there are so many auto insurance myths. Below, you can explore auto insurance myths; that way, you can ensure you have your facts straight about auto insurance. The Person Driving is Responsible if There is an Accident Your auto insurance is attached to the vehicle and not the person driving. So if your friend wrecks your car, it will affect your insurance and not his.

3 November 2015

4 Things To Consider Before Switching To Mileage Based Car Insurance


If you are a low risk and occasional driver, the idea of paying the same for car insurance as someone who drives hundreds of miles a week can seem a little insulting. Switching to mileage based car insurance definitely sounds like a good way to save when you rarely use your vehicle. However, there are a few pitfalls and concerns about this type of insurance you should consider before officially making the switch.

25 June 2015

Why You Need To Consider Renters Insurance


Many renters love the lifestyle of renting because it means they do not have many of the responsibilities that come with owning a home. Unfortunately, one of the things renters often ignore is the need for insurance. While they don't need to have a home insurance policy, renters insurance is something they should consider due to the protection it can provide. With the average renters insurance policy costing only $193 annually, it is an expense that should be a priority for the following reasons.

27 March 2015

Minimizing The Effect On Premiums When Adding Your Child To Your Car Insurance Policy


Most people would agree that having a driver's license (DL) is a must in the U.S., especially if you live in a remote location. This is why most parents encourage their children to earn it and then buy them a car. Seeing a teenager on the road for the first time usually arouses two types of feelings for parents: The fright that they might be involved in a car accident The anxiousness concerning the repercussions on the car insurance premiums This article explains how you can minimize the effect on premiums when including your child in your auto insurance policy.

17 February 2015