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My name is James Frank. I’m glad you stopped by my website. I’ve always carried automobile insurance because it’s the law. I never paid much attention to my coverage; I paid my premiums and like most folks moaned about the small annual increases. One day I was driving in a city I wasn’t familiar with and was looking for addresses on the buildings. All of a sudden I look in front of me and I’m about to hit another vehicle. I had run a red light and ended up totaling not only my car, but the other driver’s car, too. I have never been so grateful for my car insurance. Fortunately, there were no medical bills, but two cars had to be replaced. It turns out that I have excellent coverage. I’ve since learned lots about car insurance and hope to share some of it with you.

Minimizing The Effect On Premiums When Adding Your Child To Your Car Insurance Policy


Most people would agree that having a driver's license (DL) is a must in the U.S., especially if you live in a remote location. This is why most parents encourage their children to earn it and then buy them a car. Seeing a teenager on the road for the first time usually arouses two types of feelings for parents:

  • The fright that they might be involved in a car accident
  • The anxiousness concerning the repercussions on the car insurance premiums

This article explains how you can minimize the effect on premiums when including your child in your auto insurance policy.

Are parents' concerns valid?

The short answer to this question is yes, especially with everything that happens on roads nowadays. Nevertheless despite being scared for the safety of their child, parents understand that driving a car is the sole reliable means of transportation currently existing. Another way to look at it is by acknowledging that unless you're willing to become your kid's personal chauffeur, there's little you can do to mitigate your feeling of fright. 

On the other hand, you have the ability to reduce what you're paying for auto coverage even after including your teenager in the policy.

Tips on how to minimize your monthly premiums

Because your teenager is young and inexperienced, your auto insurer will view them as a risky driver, and thus take into account this fact when recalculating your auto premiums. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the percentage increase on insurance charges of adding your child to your auto coverage, such as:

  • Enrollment in driver safety courses
  • Excellent academic records
  • Increase of deductibles
  • Purchase of a standard car

Auto insurers love everything that promotes the awareness of the dangers associated with driving, and that shows that the insured person is a responsible driver. This is why enrolling your child in an online driver safety course and proving that they're an A-student will considerably reduce your monthly insurance charge.

In addition, if you tell your insurer that you're willing to spend more from your own pocket in the event of an accident involving your teenager, they'll charge you less.

After getting their license, your child will need time to become an accomplished driver. Offering them a flashy car would certainly make little sense, and even slow their development as a proficient driver.

Raising children comes with a price. But as you might see, there are effective ways to reduce it at times. 


17 February 2015