Car Insurance – Never Underestimate Its Importance

My name is James Frank. I’m glad you stopped by my website. I’ve always carried automobile insurance because it’s the law. I never paid much attention to my coverage; I paid my premiums and like most folks moaned about the small annual increases. One day I was driving in a city I wasn’t familiar with and was looking for addresses on the buildings. All of a sudden I look in front of me and I’m about to hit another vehicle. I had run a red light and ended up totaling not only my car, but the other driver’s car, too. I have never been so grateful for my car insurance. Fortunately, there were no medical bills, but two cars had to be replaced. It turns out that I have excellent coverage. I’ve since learned lots about car insurance and hope to share some of it with you.

Important Things To Consider When Purchasing Car Insurance For New Drivers


The sweet sixteen birthday is such a beautiful and iconic milestone in the lives of teens in this country. A huge part of this rite of passage is the new ability to drive and operate automobiles. If you have a teen who is about to gain this new freedom, then you need to start looking for the right car insurance policy to protect you and your teen. This article will cover some of the most important things for you to consider as you make this important decision.

Does Your Teen Have Their Own Car?

There are a lot of different car insurance policy options available. Some of them are better suited for teens who mainly drive their own car. Others are perfect for teens who will be borrowing your vehicle when they drive on their own. As you sift through the many policies available, look for the benefits that target these very different driving situations.

Do They Qualify for Certain Discounts?

Most of the major insurance companies out there offer discounts when your teen meets certain criteria. Some of these elements that earn discounts for teen drivers are as follows:

Good Grades: Some car insurance policies will waive fees or lower premiums when shown proof of excellent grades. The idea behind this is that a good GPA is evidence of a very cautious and responsible teen who will not make unwise decisions behind the wheel.

Excellent Reputation of Parents: Your own good record could save you money when you get a policy for your teen. Insurance companies have found that if the parents are good drivers, there is a very good chance that the children will be good drivers as well.

High Score on Driving Test: Just as in every tested subject, there is a pretty wide margin between a perfect score and a barely passing score. If your teen had an excellent score on their driving test, this can help you get a discount on their policy.

Bundling Discount: If you use the same insurance company for multiple types of insurance, (e.g. car, home owners, life, etc.), then there is usually a sizable discount when adding on a new teen driver policy.

Will Your Teen Be in the Same State?

If your teen will spend some or all of their time in a different state than you, then you will want to get a policy that accounts for this variance of dwelling. This can be caused by going to college, living in a broken home, participating in extracurricular activities, and other such conditions. If any of these describe your situation, then talk to a good car insurance representative to get a policy that meets these somewhat unique demands.


25 January 2017