Car Insurance – Never Underestimate Its Importance

My name is James Frank. I’m glad you stopped by my website. I’ve always carried automobile insurance because it’s the law. I never paid much attention to my coverage; I paid my premiums and like most folks moaned about the small annual increases. One day I was driving in a city I wasn’t familiar with and was looking for addresses on the buildings. All of a sudden I look in front of me and I’m about to hit another vehicle. I had run a red light and ended up totaling not only my car, but the other driver’s car, too. I have never been so grateful for my car insurance. Fortunately, there were no medical bills, but two cars had to be replaced. It turns out that I have excellent coverage. I’ve since learned lots about car insurance and hope to share some of it with you.

Three Safe-Driving Strategies That Can Help To Keep Your Auto Insurance Rate Low


When it comes to attempting to lower the rate that they pay for their auto insurance, some drivers take the complicated approach of shopping around with other providers, finding a favorable rate and switching companies. Although this strategy can pay off financially, it's not necessarily ideal if you're short on time or if you're happy with your current provider. When you're thinking about keeping a low rate, it's beneficial to focus on how you drive. Repeatedly staying out of accidents can pay off – many companies will drop your rate if you maintain a safe driving record for three years. Here are three tips you can use to achieve this goal.

Give Yourself More Time

It might seem simple, but leaving a little earlier whenever you have to go somewhere can help keep you out of accidents. You'll be less likely to speed, cross intersections during yellow lights and get distracted by talking on the phone to tell someone that you're running late. Make a point of giving yourself more time to reach your destination whenever you go out and you'll cut down on your chance of being in an at-fault accident that could increase your auto insurance rate. You might have to make some changes to your daily routine; for example, if you're routinely rushing in the morning, try getting up 15 minutes earlier.

Research The Worst Roads

Many media sources publish reports that reveal the roads in your city that have the most accidents. Although you might not be able to avoid these roads all the time, choosing to stay off them can reduce your risk of being in an accident and help to keep your auto insurance rate low. Remember that the worst roads are often at their worst during rush hour, so plan your route to help avoid having to be in these areas during peak driving times.

Watch Farther Down The Road

If you drive while staring at the vehicle directly in front of you, you won't often be able to stop in time if that driver slams on his or her brakes. The result can be an increase in your insurance rate that was entirely avoidable. A safe-driving tip to remember is to watch at least 15 seconds down the road. Doing so will give you advance notice to changing conditions such as a light turning red or a motorist applying the brakes. As such, you'll have a moment of extra time to react, which can be the difference between avoiding an accident and being in one.

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17 February 2016