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My name is James Frank. I’m glad you stopped by my website. I’ve always carried automobile insurance because it’s the law. I never paid much attention to my coverage; I paid my premiums and like most folks moaned about the small annual increases. One day I was driving in a city I wasn’t familiar with and was looking for addresses on the buildings. All of a sudden I look in front of me and I’m about to hit another vehicle. I had run a red light and ended up totaling not only my car, but the other driver’s car, too. I have never been so grateful for my car insurance. Fortunately, there were no medical bills, but two cars had to be replaced. It turns out that I have excellent coverage. I’ve since learned lots about car insurance and hope to share some of it with you.

What You Should Know About Motorcycle Insurance

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If you drive a motorcycle, you need to have adequate protection. You won't get coverage from a typical auto insurance policy, but a specialty policy that covers risks on a motorcycle. There are liability and comprehensive policies for motorcycles and other vehicles, just like with cars and trucks. Here are some things to know about motorcycle insurance and why you need it.

Motorcycle Insurance is a Requirement

One thing to know about motorcycle insurance is that it is a requirement in many states, just like with vehicle insurance. If you live somewhere that requires insurance for all motor vehicles, then motorcycles are included in that. You will need to have at least liability insurance, which protects not only you if you are in a collision, but other drivers as well. If you are caught driving a motorcycle without insurance, you can face a fine or have your license suspended.

It Works for a Variety of Vehicles

Motorcycle insurance is not only for motorcycles themselves, but is a term used for many types of vehicles that are not cars or trucks. This includes mopeds, scooters, golf carts, ATVs, and snowmobiles. If you operate any of these vehicles, you can get protection with a motorcycle insurance policy.

There is a Wide Range of Coverage

Motorcycle insurance, much like vehicle insurance, gives you options with how much you want covered. The most basic coverage for motorcycles and other vehicles listed above is liability insurance. This is what you must have if you live somewhere that requires auto or motorcycle insurance by law. Some other areas of coverage you can get include a full or comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy, collision coverage, medical insurance and bodily injury coverage, uninsured motorcyclist, and property damage liability insurance.

Extras to Add to Your Policy

There are also a variety of extras to add to your policy. Some of these might be included in a comprehensive policy, but most insurance carriers have them as extras, where you pay a higher premium to have them included. For example, you can get coverage for accessories on your motorcycle, transport trailer coverage, total loss replacement, or roadside assistance. You may also want rental vehicle coverage, or trip interruption coverage.

When choosing the extras, consider what your risks are and what kind of income protection you will get. For example, if you think you're at a greater risk for your motorcycle being stolen, you will want the total loss replacement coverage, because you get the cost of your motorcycle included so that you can buy a new one.

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30 December 2014